Comprehensive Guide to Financial Markets, Investing &Trading | Udemy

Comprehensive Guide to Financial Markets, Investing &Trading | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Approach any financial market with confidence and start investing on their own
Become completely informed about every financial asset and its pluses and minuses
Make any kind of investment based on sound knowledge
Learn all about the basics – Stocks, Mutual Funds and ETFs
Understand the Bond and Fixed income markets and its implications
Thoroughly understand Foreign exchange and currency and commodity investing
Get a detailed look inside the Futures and Options markets
Get a set of 4 Key Strategies which can generate profits immediately in the markets after taking the course

This course is the most comprehensive introduction to investing for Beginners and Intermediate levels, and is suitable for people from all backgrounds. If you have between 0 and 2 years of experience in Financial markets, this course will take you up at least 3 levels higher.


First, the global “macro” Finance and Investment cycles and how big money is invested
Core investing principles and detailed study of all the market and stock terminology
Detailed analysis of Stocks, Investing styles, and Best Practices
A thorough comparison of Mutual Funds and ETFs – Pros and Cons
Learn about the all-important Bond Markets, Interest rates and Inflation
How to invest into Commodities – Gold, Oil etc
Study of the Spot Forex, Forex Futures and Currency ETFs
An advanced introduction to Futures and Options
10 Live trades on Stocks,ETFs, Bonds, Gold, Euro Futures, British Pound ETF
Live demonstration of all concepts on a Live trading platform (Practical investing)
Monitoring of positions, and trade and risk management
The Human Element – How to avoid extreme emotional points in Investing


This course includes FOUR key strategies for long term investors and traders. These can produce hundreds of dollars or more a month immediately after you take the courses

A Low-risk high reward ETF strategy based on sector rotation
How to Buy Stocks at much lower prices that its trading for, and MAKE INCOME
If you already own stocks, this strategy will put money in your bank every month
If you think a stock is going to crash, this low-cost strategy will protect your position
And an additional BONUS: How to hedge your stock during Volatile Earnings events

Who this course is for:
Anyone with no experience or less than 3 years of experience with financial markets, investing and trading
Regardless of your background, this course is universally applicable for everyone

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