Complete Training for Adobe Photoshop CS5 (by Class on Demand)

Complete Training for Adobe Photoshop CS5 (by Class on Demand)
[box style=”info”]Title: Complete Training for Adobe Photoshop CS5 (by Class on Demand)
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In this training, you will find seven sections which each focus on different aspects of using Photoshop. You’ll start with an overview and learn how to use many of the tools; then you’ll work with styles,

adjustment layers, and layer masks; create web graphics and simple frames- and timeline-based animations; learn some retouching, editorial, and restoration techniques; discover how easy it is to create 3D effects from 2D text and artwork; and end with a section on special techniques, many of which are new in Photoshop CS5.


1.0: Photoshop Overview
1.1: Introduction
1.2: Workspace Overview
1.3: Working with Documents
1.4: Using the Layers Panel Effectively
1.5: The History and Actions Panels

2.0: Photoshop Tools
2.1: Introduction
2.2: Selection Tools
2.3: Transformation Tools
2.4: Paint Tools
2.5: Retouching Tools
2.6: Text Tools
2.7: Pen Tools

3.0: Styles, Adjustment Layers & Layer Masks
3.1: Introduction
3.2: Special Effects with Styles
3.3: Color, Gradient, and Pattern Adjustment Layers
3.4: Tonal Correction Adjustment Layers
3.5: Layer Masks

4.0: Web Graphics
4.1: Introduction
4.2: Creating Web Layouts
4.3: Optimizing Graphics for the Web
4.4: Using the Animation Palette
4.5: Favicons, Seamless Tiles, Batching, and Zoomify

5.0: Retouching Techniques
5.1: Introduction
5.2: Photo Retouching
5.3: Beauty Retouching with Liquify
5.4: Photo Restoration

6.0: Editorial Techniques
6.1: Introduction
6.2: Editorial Layout
6.3: Photo Compositing
6.4: Tilt-Shift Effect
6.5: 3D Effects
6.6: Image Distressing

7.0: Special Techniques
7.1: Introduction
7.2: Paste Into
7.3: Content-aware Scaling
7.4: Content-aware Fill
7.5: Puppet Warp
7.6: Warp Tool
7.7: Filter Gallery
7.8: Faux HDR
7.9: Lens Correction
7.10: Vanishing Point
7.11: Creating Panoramas

Approx. Run Time: 7 hours

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