Complete Software Engineering Course with Python | Udemy

Complete Software Engineering Course with Python | Udemy
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Genre: eLearning

What you’ll learn
Software development
Complete Python 3
Graphical user interfaces (GUIs)
Object oriented programming (OOP)
APIs and RESTful APIs
Desktop Apps development
Data visualization
File handling
Working with database
Real world programs
Software development life cycles
Building text to speech software
Building strong random password generator software

This is a complete Python 3 course with software engineering concepts. In this course, you will learn programming from A-Z. In this course, you will learn all the concepts of Python and software engineering in very easy words. We will build many real-world and useful applications in this course. You will learn object-oriented programming (OOP) which is the heart of programming. You will also learn data visualization. In data visualization, we display data in beautiful graphs. So, you will learn data visualization as well. In this course, you will also learn about file handling. I will show you how to create different kind of files in Python. You will learn how to create HTML files, how to write something to external files, how to read data from the external files in a Python file, how to rename files, and how to remove any file from the system. You will learn about APIs. API stands for application programming interface. You will learn about the APIs in easy words. API is very important nowadays. You will also learn about the difference between APIs and RESTful APIs. You will also learn about the graphical user interfaces GUI in Python. I will show you how to create beautiful user interfaces in Python.

Who this course is for:
Anybody who want to learn programming in real words

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