Complete Istio Service Mesh (1.8) Masterclass + AWS EKS 2020 | Udemy

Complete Istio Service Mesh (1.8) Masterclass + AWS EKS 2020 | Udemy
English | Size: 4.20 GB
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What you’ll learn
how to control ingress traffic using Gateway, VirtualService, DestinationRules
how to configure SSL Termination at AWS ELB created by Istio ingress gateway using k8s service YAML
how to configure canary rollouts/weight-based routing/traffic splitting using Virtual Service and Destination Rule
how to configure identity/header based routing
how to configure and test failure recovery features (injecting delay and abort, setting retries and timeout)
how to configure and test mirroring live traffic to different versions of app workloads
how to configure and test rate limiting and circuit breaker
how to verify default “permissive mode” of mutual TLS in service mesh, and how to enable STRICT mode of mutual TLS
how to set up end user authentication and authorization with JWT using Request Authentication and Authorization Policy
how to control egress traffic using Service Entry and Virtual Service
how to enable TLS Origination for egress traffic using Destination Rule
how to use Kiali dashboard to visualize mesh topology, logs, metrics, and YAML validation

Who this course is for:
You want to learn how to secure K8s in-cluster network with Istio Service Mesh
You feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start with Istio Service Mesh in Kubernetes
You used Nginx Ingress Controller but want to use production-ready Ingress Controller
You used AWS ALB Ingress Controller but its limitation with ingress YAML pushed you away from using it
You want to learn service mesh so that you can control in-cluster traffic to microservice applications
You want to authenticate and authorize end users using JWT using Istio
You want to be able to configure SSL for AWS ELB using Istio Ingress Gateway Service YAML
You want to learn how to monitor microservice app’s distributed request tracing using Kiali and Jaeger dashboards

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