Complete Guidance – Become Expert on VMWare vCenter 6.7 | Udemy

Complete Guidance – Become Expert on VMWare vCenter 6.7 | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Learn how to deploy and manage vCenter cluster environment
Understand vCenter components such as vSphere HA, vCenter HA, DRS, Fault Tolerance
Create and Manage virtual machines, templates, clones, and snapshots
Configure and Manage the vCenter Network, Storage, and Virtual Appliances
Understand Distributed and Standard switch
Learn and understand VMWare VSAN
Learn and understand VMWare ESXi
Deploy and manage VMWare vCenter monitoring using Zabbix

Complete guidance for Learning VMWare vCenter infrastructure. If you’re thinking to become VMWare vSphere vCenter 6.7 Administrators, or you want to start to understand vSphere vCenter, then this course is perfect for you. You will watch video after video, from beginner level with explanations that are easy to understand. Also this course will provide many examples that make it easy for you to follow and understand.
And this course will use Ansible to help you making an automation deployment such as VM creation, DNS and SNMP configuration etc.

This course has 21 sections, 144 lectures, and 13 hours 15 minutes duration. Most videos are about how to do configuration and creating dashboard/panel by example. You will follow step by step how to use vCenter 6.7 component to manage virtual data center.

In this course, you will learn how to:

Installing vCenter 6.7

Managing vSphere vCenter 6.7

Managing(creating and removing) Standard and Distributed switch

Creating datacenter and cluster

Managing(adding and removing) ESXi host

Configuring ESXi Host firewall

Managing vCenter HA/vSphere HA/vMotion/DRS/Fault Tolerance

Managing affinity rules

Managing ESXi upgrading/HealthCheck

Forwarding log/NTP/DNS configuration on ESXi Host

Managing(creating/removing/snapshot/Clonning) Linux and Windows VM (Virtual Machine)

Creating/Updating VM template

Installing VMWare tools

Managing VMWare using ESXCLI command line

Using Ansible to automate a deployment

Managing vCenter security access

Backup and restore vCenter

Create CentOS 7 and Ubuntu 16.04 local repository

Managing(building/removing) VMWare VSAN cluster

Monitoring vCenter components using Zabbix

Creating Grafana dashboard for ESXi Host/VM/VSAN storage


After you finished this course, you will have confident to use and manage VMWare vCenter infrastructure.

Who this course is for:
Someone who want to learn and manage vCenter environment
Someone who want to manage vCenter environment
Someone who want to start to use vCenter technology

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