Complete A.I. Art Generation Course – Beginner 2 MASTER | Udemy

Complete A.I. Art Generation Course – Beginner 2 MASTER | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Become a MASTER Generative Artist
Generate the most Beautiful Art you have ever seen!
Understand how Neural Networks, GAN’s, & LSTM’s work!
Learn Powerful Tools that you can leverage to build the Apps of Tomorrow!
Learn the Tricks & Secrets from a Professional Generative Artist!
Continuously stay up to date with the latest trends of art generation so you can capitalize on the newest algorithms!

Welcome to the Best course on Udemy!

In this course you will learn:

What a GAN & Neural Network are

Handwritten Digits GAN

Cifar10 GAN

Bob Ross GAN

Paintings GAN

What an LSTM is

Shakespeare Generator

Star Wars Script Generator

Generate Blogs using GPT-2

Music Generator


Liquid Warp GAN

StyleGAN2 Human Generator

StyleGAN2 NFT Generator

and much more!!

This course is will be updated with the latest trends in A.I.!

What are the prerequisites?

NO PREREQUISITES REQUIRED!!! You will learn everything in this course, but knowing how to code always helps! 🙂

Do you need to install anything on your computer???

NO! We will do everything in Google Colab!! 🙂 There are also 50+ google colab notebooks of various art generation algorithms linked at the end of the course!!

After taking this course, you will become a MASTER generative artist capable of making Tik Toks that can get millions of views, or sell A.I. generated artwork as a painting or an NFT!! I will share all my tips and tricks so that you can generate the most incredible art, and make sure you join our community of Generative Artists in the discord link found in the curriculum below!

As technology improves every single day and unique art algorithms continue to pop up, you can capitalize on the latest trends and change your life. This course will stay updated every month so that you can catch up with the latest trends and use them however you like, whether its to make money, or to just hang beautiful art in your own house 🙂

Who this course is for:
Artists & Developers who love learning!

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