Collaborative robot programming course by Francobotics | Udemy

Collaborative robot programming course by Francobotics | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Cobot programming

In this course we will first understand what is a cobot, what differentiates them from usual industrial robots and then take a deep dive into the programming of the most popular cobot in the industry today.

We hope you enjoy this course and look forward to our upcoming courses.

So, what is a collaborative robot?

In short, Cobots are the future of automation. Unlike traditional robotics, these robots were invented with human interaction in mind. Traditional industrial robots are usually guarded by big fences to keep people away. This is understandable given that they usually handle heavy objects, and they’re very big themselves. Thanks to these robots the automation of large industries took off, and accelerated the production time for cars, ships, phones, and most products.

These robots handle machine tending, part manipulation, palletizing and some other applications like welding, sanding and painting.

So why do we need collaborative robots? Industrial robots seem to handle most tasks pretty well.

We’d like to sum it up to three major reasons:

Ergonomics, space and programming.

Sometimes new products are introduced in the manufacturing process, as changes are made, sometimes to improve an already existing product or simply to make a new one every year, cobots that can be programmed easily are the best option to adapt to changes.


Who this course is for:
Robotics students
University students
People who like robots

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