CODA Publishing – Hitler A Journey Through his World – Then and Now (2010)

CODA Publishing – Hitler: A Journey Through his World – Then and Now (2010)
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Join Emmy Award winning film maker Bob Carruthers on a journey into the world of Adolf Hitler. There has been so much coverage of Hitler, so many biographies from those who claimed to have been close to him, so much propaganda coverage by the Allies, so many attempts by historians to explain and dissect Hitler, that it seems impossible for anything new to emerge or any better telling of a much told story. However, this film produces fresh insight in an absorbing presentation. In many respects, Hitler was an unexceptional product of recent German history.
The environmental factors which shaped Hitler are explored and assessed in this unique film which retraces the footsteps of Hitler from his first boyhood experiences through the years of struggle in Vienna, his Great War adventures, the bungled Beer Hall Putsch, his triumph over democracy and his final defeat in the ruins of Berlin.
Nothing is missed in this film which produces an incisive insight to the main factors which influenced Hitler – from his violent father to the mesmeric effect of the music of Richard Wagner. Many of the surviving Third Reich sites today are revisited including Hitler’s birth place, his family homes, the beer halls, the monuments to folly which were erected in his name.
Set to a soundtrack of music by Richard Wagner, the film incorporates historic interviews with Hitler’s sister Paula and other Third Reich figures. This is indispensable viewing for anyone who seeks fresh insight into the man and his world.

Written and Directed by Bob Carruthers

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