CISSP, 3rd Edition Sneak Peek | Pearson IT Certification

CISSP, 3rd Edition Sneak Peek | Pearson IT Certification
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Sneak Peek

Lesson 1: Understand, Adhere to, and Promote Professional Ethics
1.1 Organizational and Professional Ethics
Lesson 2: Understand and Apply Security Concepts
2.1 Information Security Fundamentals
Lesson 3: Evaluate and Apply Security Governance Principles
3.1 Strategic Alignment
3.2 Organizational Roles and Responsibilties
3.3 Security Control Frameworks
Lesson 4: Determine Compliance and Other Requirements
4.1 Regulatory and Contractual Obligations
4.2 Privacy and Data Protection
Lesson 5: Understand Legal and Regulatory Issues that Pertain to Information Security in a Holistic Context
5.1 Cybercrime and Data Breaches
5.2 Data Flow
Lesson 6: Understand Requirements for Investigation Types
6.1 Investigation Obectives and Requirements
Lesson 7: Develop, Document, and Implement Security Policy, Standards, and Guidelines
7.1 Governance Documents
Lesson 8: Identify, Analyze, and Prioritize Business Continuity Requirements
8.1 Business Continuity Planning
8.2 Business Impact Analysis
Lesson 9: Contribute to and Enforce Personnel Security Policies and Procedures
9.1 Personnel Policies and Agreements
9.2 Personnel Security Practices
Lesson 10: Implement and Apply Risk Management Concepts
10.1 Risk Management Concepts
10.2 Risk Management Frameworks
10.3 Risk Assessment
10.4 Controls and Countermeasures
Lesson 11: Understand and Apply Threat Modeling Concepts and Methodologies
11.1 Threat Actors and Attributes
11.2 Threat Modeling
11.3 Attack Vectors
11.4 Threat Intelligence
Lesson 12: Apply Supply Chain Risk Management Concepts
12.1 Supply Chain Risk Management
Lesson 13: Establish and Maintain a Security Awareness, Education, and Training Program
13.1 SETA Principles and Practices
13.2 Social Enginnering
Lesson 14: Identify and Classify Information and Assets
14.1 Asset Classification
Lesson 15: Establish Information and Asset Handling Requirements
15.1 Data and Asset Handling
Lesson 16: Provision Resources Securely
16.1 Asset Management
Lesson 17: Manage Data Lifecycle
17.1 Data Collection and Retention
17.2 Deletion and Destruction
Lesson 18: Ensure Appropriate Asset Retention
18.1 Asset Lifecycle – EOL
Lesson 19: Determine Data Security Controls and Compliance Requirements
19.1 Control Baselines, Tailoring, and Scoping
19.2 Data Protection Methods
Lesson 20: Research, Implement, and Manage Engineering Processes Using Secure Design Principles
20.1 Secure Design Principles
Lesson 21: Understand the Fundemental Concepts of Security Models
21.1 Information Security Models
Lesson 22: Select Controls Based Upon System Security Requirements
22.1 Security Evaluation Criteria
Lesson 23: Understand Security Capabilties of Information Systems
23.1 Information Systems Security Capabilities
Lesson 24: Assess and Mitigate the Vulnerabilities of Security Architectures, Designs, and Solution Elements
24.1 Traditional Systems Architectures
24.2 Database Systems
24.3 Cloud-based Systems
24.4 Embedded Systems
24.5 IoT and IIoT
24.6 Virtualized Systems
24.7 Automation and Solution Elements
Lesson 25: Select and Determine Cryptographic Solutions
25.1 Ciphers and Keys
25.2 Symmetric Encryption
25.3 Asymmetric Encryption
25.4 Hashing and Digital Signatures
25.5 PKI and Digital Certificates
25.6 Emerging Cryptography
Lesson 26: Understand Methods of Cryptanalytic Attacks
26.1 Cryptographic Attacks
26.2 Hash and Kerberos Post-Exploitation Attacks
26.3 Ransomware
Lesson 27: Apply Security Principles to Site and Facility Design
27.1 Physical Security Principles
Lesson 28: Design Site and Facility Security Controls
28.1 Site and Building Security
28.2 Environmental Impact

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