Cisco Press – Architecting Blockchain Solutions

Cisco Press – Architecting Blockchain Solutions
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Architecting Blockchain Solutions LiveLessons covers blockchain basics, ledgers, and several use-case scenarios in detail. Learn the main technologies for supporting blockchain use cases and how these technologies work with other technologies. Joe Holbrook discusses use cases that cover financial, insurance, science, technology, and other industries that enable you to gain a full grasp of blockchain capabilities.

This course starts out by covering blockchain fundamentals, including how a blockchain compares to traditional infrastructure and how Ethereum is used as a blockchain platform. It then discusses the important factors of blockchain architectures for which every organization should have a concise understanding, including blockchain nodes, blockchain networking, and layers. Holbrook demonstrates options for running blockchain on the various public cloud providers, including AWS, GCP, Azure, and IBM, and details numerous blockchain business models and best practices for software lifecycles. He covers significant blockchain development and planning as well as several blockchain development challenges. The course finishes with a discussion of providing blockchain solutions based on customer requirements.

Topics includeLesson 1: Blockchain Basics
Lesson 2: Understanding Ethereum
Lesson 3: Blockchain Platform Architectures
Lesson 4: Blockchain Business Models
Lesson 5: Defining Business Models (B2B)
Lesson 6: Defining Business Models (B2C)
Lesson 7: Defining Business Models (G2C)
Lesson 8: Blockchain Costing
Lesson 9: Blockchain Solution Development
Lesson 10: Blockchain Design Best Practices
Lesson 11: SDLC
Lesson 12: Building the Blockchain
Lesson 13: Blockchain Pre-Sales Cycle
Lesson 14: Blockchain Demand

Skill Level

Learn How To
* Understand blockchain solutions for enterprise use cases
* Discuss and sell enterprise blockchain technology technically (technical pre-sales)
* Determine appropriate enterprise blockchain solutions for technical merits
* Define testing and implementation strategies for enterprise blockchain solutions

Who Should Take This Course
* Anyone with a basic knowledge of blockchain who wants more in-depth knowledge of enterprise blockchain architectures. The ideal student would be an IT vendor/VAR/cloud pre-sales engineer, sales executive, or technical account manager responsible for enterprise customer solutions.
* Engineers, technical support managers, developers, salespeople, and architects.

Course Requirements
* Experience with service architectures such as SOA.
* Pre-sales experience would be helpful but not required.
* Understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrency basics.
* A basic understanding of the benefits of blockchains.
* A basic knowledge of Ethereum, Bitcoin, or Litecoin is not needed but is helpful.

Lesson Descriptions
Lesson 1, “Blockchain Basics,” discusses the basics of blockchain technology to lay a foundation before we discuss the more technical and specialized areas.

Lesson 2, “Understanding Ethereum,” discusses the technical merits of the Ethereum blockchain and how the platform works from a technical level.

Lesson 3, “Blockchain Platform Architectures,” discusses the details of other blockchain platforms, and specifically running Blockchain as a Service (BaaS).

Lesson 4, “Blockchain Business Models,” discusses the business models that are commonly used in blockchain deployments and that are creating value with blockchains.

Lesson 5, “Defining Business Models (B2B),” discusses the business model focused on business-to-business contracting.

Lesson 6, “Defining Business Models (B2C),” discusses the business model focused on business-to-consumer servicing.

Lesson 7, “Defining Business Models (G2C),” discusses the business model focused on government-to-citizen servicing, with a focus on Dubai.

Lesson 8, “Blockchain Costing,” discusses the business costing models around the blockchain technologies.

Lesson 9, “Blockchain Solution Development,” discusses the solutions development process, specifically around blockchain best practices and frameworks.

Lesson 10, “Blockchain Design Best Practices,” discusses how to design blockchain solutions and the needed skillsets for development.

Lesson 11, “SDLC,” discusses the software development lifecyle process and how the development models fit in.

Lesson 12, “Building the Blockchain,” discusses the processes of building your blockchain and some of the common tools available.

Lesson 13, “Blockchain Pre-Sales Cycle,” discusses the pre-sales cycle regarding blockchain-focused sales cycle activities such as POCs and responding to RFPs.

Lesson 14, “Blockchain Demand,” discusses the rising demand for required blockchain skills and discusses some career paths.

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