Ciniversity – SynthEyes Tracking to C4D Compositing

Ciniversity – SynthEyes Tracking to C4D Compositing
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Part 1 covers loading a shot into Syntheyes, refining the tracking data, and identifying and fixing bad trackers.

Part 2 covers how to define units of measurement for your tracking data and how to import that data into Cinema 4D.

Part 3 covers adding and positioning objects in your tracked scene, and also masking out problem areas.

Part 4 covers how to add reflections and shadows to your scene to help blend your 3D elements with your tracked shot.

Part 5 covers adding a cloth banner to your shot and having it interact with rebuilt scene elements.

Part 6 covers bringing your shot back into Syntheyes and stabilizing the camera’s motion while preserving image quality.

otes: You will hear sparse intermittent chirps in the audio. That’s just how the original files are and it’s so small and unintrusive that it isn’t anything to complain about.

Future releases will come in .swf and .mov flavors. I will try to keep the first initial releases to non-redundant subject matter (i.e. Mograph or Thinking Particles). Meaning things that aren’t covered in other C4D tutorial releases that are already on here (i.e. deformers or modeling)

I did not include any project files in this release. I never use them and I wanted to keep the file sizes for these small as possible. If you guys would like to see project files included, you can petition me via a thread or pm’s. Given that I see enough people want them I will start including them.

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