Christopher Fowler – Bryant & May Mysteries (1~6)

Christopher Fowler – Bryant & May Mysteries(1~6)
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All are from CDs, unabridged and narrated by Tim Goodman.

Arthur Bryant and John May are Golden Age Detectives in a modern world. They head the Peculiar Crimes Unit, London’s most venerable specialist police team, a division founded during the Second World War to investigate cases that could cause national scandal or public unrest. Originally based above a London tube station, the technophobic, irascible Bryant and smooth-talking modernist John May head a team of equally unusual misfits who are just as likely to commit crimes as solve them!

#1. Full Dark House [2003], 13 hours 25 mins
The story opens with a member of one of London’s most unusual police units being blown up in his office. He is John May, partner to Arthur Bryant, who now starts to investigate his death. The search takes Bryant back to the time of their first meeting in 1940. London is struggling to survive the Blitz when a beautiful dancer is found without her feet. Bryant and May’s investigation uncovers a weird gothic mystery, involving a killer who appears to be faceless. In the present day, May speculates whether that old adversary might be the killer. He needs to solve a riddle that began more than 50 years earlier. It is a tense, clever novel which keeps one riveted from the first page.

#2. The Water Room [2004], 14 hours 15 mins
Originally built to house the workers of Victorian London, Balaklava Street is now an oasis in the heart of Kentish Town and ripe for gentrification. But then the body of an elderly woman is found at Number 5. Her death would appear to have been peaceful but for the fact that her throat is full of river water. It falls to the Met’s Peculiar Crimes Unit, led by London’s longest-serving detectives, Arthur Bryant and John May, to search for something resembling a logical solution.

#3. Seventy-Seven Clocks [2005], 15 hours 34 mins
The newspapers referred to it as the case of the seventy seven clocks. There was quite a fuss at the time. We got into terrible trouble. Dear fellow, it was one of our most truly peculiar cases. I remember as if it was yesterday.’ In fact, Arthur Bryant remembers very little about yesterday, but he does remember the oddest investigation of his career.. It was late in 1973. As strikes and blackouts ravaged the country during Edward Heath’s ‘Winter of Discontent’, sundry members of a wealthy, aristocratic family were being disposed of in a variety of grotesque ways – by reptile, by bomb, by haircut….

#4. Ten Second Staircase [2006] , 13 hours 34 mins
A controversial artist is found dead in her own art installation inside a riverside gallery with locked doors and windows – the only witness is a small boy who insists the murderer was a masked man on a horse. A television presenter is struck by lightning while indoors…Two seemingly impossible crimes that only Arthur Bryant and John May of the Met’s Peculiar Crimes Unit might be able to solve. But Bryant has lost his nerve following a disastrous public appearance, and May is fighting to keep the unit from closure. Worse still, the case of the Leicester Square Vampire, an unsolved mystery from the past that changed both their lives, has returned to haunt them….

#5. White Corridor [2007], 10 hours 34 mins
Following the successful capture of “The Highwayman” plans are still afoot to shut down the Peculiar Crimes Unit, and prevent any more embarrassing press coverage. Bryant and May set off for Devon to attend a Spiritualist Conference and have a well-earned break. Whilst they’re on their way they get caught in severe weather conditions and back at the unit one of the team is murdered. DS Janet Longbright is acting Head of the department and has to use everything she has learned from the elderly detectives in order to exonerate the other officers at the unit. ‘The White Corridor’ is different to the other Bryant and May novels in that it does not take place in London, which for some readers might detract from it’s appeal. It is worth persevering though, because this is a real cracker!

#6. The Victoria Vanishes [2008], 10 hours 10 mins
It’s a case tailor-made for the Peculiar Crimes Unit. A lonely hearts killer is targeting middle-aged women at some of England’s most well-known pubs-including one torn down eighty years ago. What’s more, Arthur Bryant happened to see one of the victims only moments before her death at the pub that doesn’t exist. Indeed, this case is littered with clues that defy everything the veteran detectives know about the habits of serial killers, the methodology of crime, and the odds of making an arrest. Now, with the public on the verge of panic and their superiors determined to shut the PCU down for good, Detectives Bryant and May must rise to the occasion in defense of two great English traditions-the pub and the Peculiar Crimes Unit.

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