Charles D. Ellis – Winning the Loser’s Game (2017)

Charles D. Ellis – Winning the Loser’s Game (2017)
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From one of today’s most respected authorities on stock investing, Winning the Loser’s Game explains how you can avoid common traps and succeed in today’s volatile markets. Ellis presents the cold, hard facts about important changes in the market over the past 50 years, why succeeding with active investing has become more difficult, and how you can outperform markets for steady, long-term gain. With lower rates of return now and over the next several years, you need to rethink your overall approach to investing, and Ellis shows how in this heavily-updated edition.

1 The Loser’s Game
2 The Winner’s Game
3 Beating the Market
4 Mr. Market and Mr. Value
5 The Investor’s Dream Team
6 Investor Risk and Behavioral Economics
7 Your "Unfair" Competitive Advantage Indexing
8 The Paradox
9 Time
10 Returns
11 Investment Risks
12 Building Portfolios
13 Whole-Picture Finance
14 Why Policy Matters
15 Playing to Win
16 Challenges with Performance Measurement
17 The Dark Matter of Investing
18 Predicting the Market–Roughly
19 Individual Investors
20 Selecting Mutual Funds
21 Phooey on Phees
22 Planning Your Play
23 Disaster Again and Again
24 Getting Right on 401(k) Plans
25 Endgame
26 Thoughts for the Wealthy
27 You Are Now Good to Go
28 Parting Thoughts
Appendix A: Serving on Investment Committees
Appendix B: Murder on the Orient Express
Appendix C: Recommended Reading

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