CGMA – Stylized Assets Creation 2018 – Kevin B Griffith

CGMA – Stylized Assets Creation 2018 – Kevin B Griffith
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Week 1 | Introduction to Stylized Art
Relevant games | Artist/influencers | What makes an asset stylized | The box: introduction to texture painting

Week 2 | Introduction to 2.5 D
Relevance | What games use 2.5 D | How it is used | 2.5D exterior scene: gather reference, block out scene, material painting demo: rocks

Week 3 | Introduction to 2.5 D, Part 2: Terrain Blending
Examples of terrain blending | How it works | Vegetation painting demo: grass, dirt/soil | Blending in 2D for 3D

Week 4 | Introduction to 2.5 D, Part 3: Trees
Examples of 2.5D Trees | How it works | 2.5D tree painting demo

Week 5 | Stylized Interior Demo: Fantasy Tavern
Coming up with your own concept | Gather reference | Mix styles, references, ideas into 3D blockout | Implement 3D blockout into Marmoset | Concept a 2D painting over Marmoset Render

Week 6 | Stylized Interior Demo: Fantasy Tavern “Paint-to-Cam”
Paint-to-cam examples | How it works | Paint-to-cam demo | Intro to 3D Coat | Sketch in perspective | Floor painting demo in Photoshop | Clean in Krita

Week 7 | Stylized Interior Demo: Fantasy Tavern Prop Sets
How prop sets are constructed | Block in 3D models (Maya) | UV (3D Coat / Maya) | Texture re-use: how to set up UVs to paint texture set | Block in using 3D Coat | Finish in Photoshop

Week 8 | Stylized Sci-Fi Asset: Crafting the Stars
Create stylized assets for RTS camera view | Intro to RTS gameplay / camera angle / style | Asset references

Week 9 | How to Texture with ZBrush
Tile-able textures in ZBrush | Block in designs in 2D | Block model in Maya | Implement into ZBrush | Sculpting techniques: brushes, workflow; bake maps from Zbrush; retopo high- low-poly; texture clean-up in Photoshop

Week 10 | Stylized Asset Test
Three faction types / structure types | How it works | Gather reference | How to concept / implement assets quickly | Block in model | Implement into Marmoset | Concept over asset blockout in Photoshop | UV in 3D Coat | Finalize texture in Photoshop

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