CGCookie – Introduction to Retopology

CGCookie – Introduction to Retopology
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As modern workflows have incorporated more sculpting, the previous techniques of box-modeling and poly-modeling have seen less use. In place of these older workflows is a new synergy between artistically-driven sculpting and technically-minded poly-modeling, through a process known as Retopology.

Fundamentals of Topology

Before learning about retopology we first need to brush up on our topology knowledge.

A Primer on Mesh Flow free2min

What are Edge loops and Face loops? 2min

Triangles, Quads, and NGons 6min

Working with Poles 8min

Quiz: Fundamentals of Topology

Visualizing Retopology

Before starting retopology it’s a good idea to tweak Blender’s shading display options, improving your workflow.

Adapting Mesh Display for Retopology 5min

Retopology Methods

There are many ways to retopologize an object in Blender, let’s learn the essential ones, building the foundation of any workflow.

Using Blender’s Surface Snapping Tools 7min

Using the Shrinkwrap Modifier 5min

Combining Shrinkwrap and Surface Snapping 6min

Quiz: Retopology Methods

Retopology in Practice

Let’s take what you’ve learned and apply it to a real, sculpted object, retopologizing it with clean mesh flow.

Preparing the Retopology Object 1min

Mapping Out the Topology 9min

Retopologizing the First Form 8min

Filling in the Orb 15min

Extruding the Main Ridges 15min

Filling the Voids 12min

Sharpening the Details 10min

Putting Your Skills to the Test

Nothing compares to real practice; let’s put your new knowledge to the test and retopologize a complex, sculpted model.

Exercise: Completing the Robo-Orb Retopology

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