CG Circuit – Discovering Houdini Vellum

CG Circuit – Discovering Houdini Vellum
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Hello, my name is Arsen Margaryan.
I am excited to introduce to you my new tutorial, which is dedicated to Houdini vellum.

What can be said about vellum? So, After the vellum was implemented in Houdini, it has become a much more powerful and self-contained program, as it expanded the list of Houdini’s capabilities to perform many types of simulations, namely cloth, hair, soft-body, and grains.

Of course, before that, it was also possible to perform such kinds of tasks, but vellum has revolutionized these areas, and introduced a new approach to solving such tasks, and brought enormous potential.

Well, now let’s talk about this lesson.

Firstly, I want to point out that this tutorial is completely based on documentation.

So, Throughout this lesson, We will fully reveal all the properties of the vellum cloth as it is done in the documentation, without any exception.

Also, in this process, we will touch on many settings of the solver, and of course, they will also be explored in detail.

We will also manipulate cloth properties in different ways, and all of this can be applied to all types of vellum.

I used 33 simple example files to explain in detail and visually show the meaning of these properties, and since most of these properties are common to other types of vellum constraints, all this will give you a broader outlook.

This lesson can provide a good and solid foundation for an intrusion into the concept of vellum.

So first, two lessons are free, be sure to check them out.

That’s all; I hope you enjoy this tutorial; I wish you a pleasant viewing.

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