Certified Six Sigma Green Belt (+ Excel Application) | Udemy

Certified Six Sigma Green Belt (+ Excel Application) | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Critical path method
Translating Voice of Customer (VoC) to Critical to Quality (CTQ) factors
Problem definition
Single OLS regression (With Microsoft Excel)
Correlation analysis (With Microsoft Excel)
Geometric mean (With Microsoft Excel)
Standard Deviation (With Microsoft Excel)
Single and 2 factor design of experiments (DOE)
Quantify a sigma score
6 sigma DMAIC overview
Non-linear regression
Supply chain improvement
Design of Experiments (DoE)
Control charts
Project charter
Project priority matrix

Brief description of this course

Six Sigma (or 6 sigma) is a well-known methodology that has helped organizations throughout the world cut costs and improve service to their consumers by making production efficient and integrating the customers’ demand in the provided products and services.

Six Sigma Green Belt knowledge is often cited as a prerequisite for applying to many job vacancies in IT, health care, supply chain consultancy, manufacturing, engineering, banking etc. Furthermore, recent surveys have shown that those who have Six Sigma Green Belt skills, depending on their industry, earn 20-30% more than their peers who do not possess those Six Sigma Green Belt skills.

Six Sigma proficiency is categorized in belt colors. Six Sigma Green Belt holders are assumed to master the core Six Sigma techniques and are a valuable asset to organizations that strive to increase profits, reduce costs and offer consistent, customer-centered service. What will you learn in the Six Sigma Green Belt training and certification course?

Content of the course

We introduce you to a number of Six Sigma, concepts, tools and statistics (no previous knowledge required) like:

Critical path analysis

Project priority matrix


Project charter

Measurement System Analysis

Design of Experiments

(Non)-linear regression with Excel

Correlation with Excel

And much much more….

We will teach the Six Sigma Green Belt course with interesting examples and context such as:

The Cold War space race

Stanley Kubrick’s plan to make a movie about Napoleon

Konami’s arcade game Turtles in Time

Navy SEALs

Guns ‘N Roses

Red Bull energy drink

BMW’s new design

Dutch fairy tale theme park ‘De Efteling’

And much much more….you will not get bored we promise.

At the end of this course, you will master Six Sigma skills at a Six Sigma Green Belt level. Browse the internet to see how many job vacancies require Six Sigma Green Belt knowledge as a prerequisite. The Six Sigma Green Belt training and certification course is designed and taught by experienced BKO BKE accredited university lecturers who teach in the Netherlands. The Six Sigma Green Belt certification and training is based on the BKO and BKE standards for Dutch higher education. The certification will reflect those standards, making it a great steppingstone for your career. The teaching style is designed to be clear and easy to understand, whilst providing you with the experience of private tutoring.

Thank you for your interest and we hope to welcome you to our course.


Who this course is for:
Six Sigma is a methodology that is effective in every single sector. Regardless of whether you are working in IT, manufacturing, the military or health care. If you have a management position, an auditor position or a quality assurance position, this course is for you. It will boost your employability, skills set and salary.



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