Certified Basic Excel Course | Udemy

Certified Basic Excel Course | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
How to configure functions for Quick access in Excel
How to add a chart in Excel
Perform Operations in Excel
Auto total / auto sum in Excel
Master formulas in Excel

C’mon! Let’s lay the basics of Excel together!

By knowing the basics and key elements of Excel, you will have a better chance in the job market.

In the course you will learn how cells are shared, their aspects and functions!

You will also learn how to create and format spreadsheets, use formulas, perform operations and sort information!

In this course you will find:

– How to configure functions for quick access;

– How to add a chart;

– Perform transactions;

– Auto total;

– Main formulas

Main Features:

Video practical trainings;


Unlimited access;

Udemy Digital Course Completion Certificate


Quizzes that test your knowledge throughout the content.

The quizzes will help you with theoretical and practical understanding.

CERTIFICATE / How to get your certificate:

Once you have fully completed the course and achieved the minimum required achievement, you will be able to download this Course’s Digital Certificate of Completion.

Let’s lay the basics of Excel together!

Once you have the first building blocks of Excel right, it will be much easier for you to make sense of complex operations at other levels.

Every single piece of information you learn will be permanent in your mind, and it will be much easier for you to remember, thanks to the short reinforcing quizzes that hit the pill-like one-shot topic directly from 12, right after each topic that will provide the reinforcements you will need throughout the course.

We have prepared the information and the quizzes that reinforce them like an easily understandable one-shot pill, so your learning process will be fast, comfortable and fluid…

And most importantly, you will gain a deep learning experience, not a superficial one! In this way, unlike the others, what you read, hear and see in this course will not fly away, and your memory will remain with you, and your power of memory will be much higher and more effective.

Lets! If you are ready now,

Let’s lay the basics of Excel together!

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Thank you
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Who this course is for:
Academics and teachers
Professionals and managers
Career planners and those who want to add a new certified skill to their CV
Anyone who wants to improve themselves



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