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CCTV Course | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
You will learn IP CCTV basics and skills related to IP CCTV systems which will help a beginner to get a lucrative job in the security industry and enhance the knowledge of the intermediates
What is CCTV system and how it works ?
Types of CCTV system and their components
IP CCTV camera features like video resolutions, Frame per second, Wide dynamic range, Backlight compensation, POE, Lens type etc.
How to connect an IP camera with your laptop and set up it’s configuration.
How to use different tools and software’s related to IP CCTV system

This course has been prepared by a certified CCTV security professional for those who wants to join security industry as their profession and who wants to refresh their knowledge in CCTV domain.

This course contains basic of CCTV system, how it works and types of CCTV system.

In this course, you will also learn about the CCTV camera features which plays a very crucial role in recording a good quality videos and how to optimum use of the available resources. For example, how to use WDR / BLC technology to avoid image darkness or over brightness.

I have also shared my field experience where i had provided solutions to the challenging issues. For example, A reputed client had different factories at remote locations and customer wants to view and playback the recorded video at his headquarter security control room.

Here, challenge was the distance (in kilometres) and the lack of network infrastructure between the factories and headquarter control room.

This challenge was solved by introducing wireless access points and now the client is able to view and playback the high quality recorded footage.

Who this course is for:
Individual who wants to opt security industry as their profession and to the intermediates who want to refresh their knowledge in CCTV domain

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