Manflayer Fabius Bile: Warhammer 40,000 By: Josh Reynolds (m4b)

Manflayer Fabius Bile: Warhammer 40,000 By: Josh Reynolds (m4b)
English | Size: 747.34 MB
Category: E-books

Book Description
In the centuries since his return from Commorragh, Fabius Bile has distanced himself from the affairs of friend and foe, content only to oversee the cruel evolution of his New Men. But when his creations are threatened by the monstrous haemonculi of the Thirteen Scars, the Manflayer is forced to seek out new allies and old enemies alike in an effort to preserve all that he has built. Homo Novus must survive…even if Fabius Bile must die to ensure it.

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Tyson Fury – Behind the Mask My Autobiography

Tyson Fury – Behind the Mask My Autobiography
English | Size: 324.27 MB
Category: Ebook

A Manchester lad from Irish Traveller stock, born three months premature and weighing just a pound at birth, Tyson (named after his father’s boxing hero) grew up to become one of the most unlikely heavyweight champions in history. This ├Ždream come true soon turned to nightmare, however, as alcohol and cocaine abuse took hold and Tyson was stripped of his titles. What followed was the darkest moment of his life – detailed in this book for the first time – in which he came within seconds of ending everything. [Read more…]

Marvel Week (09-09-2020)

Marvel Week (09-09-2020)
English | Size: 405.07 MB
Category: TUtorial

Amazing Spider-Man 048 (2020) (Digital) (Zone-Empire).cbr
Captain Marvel 021 (2020) (Digital) (Zone-Empire).cbr [Read more…]

Armor By John Steakley (MP3)

Armor By: John Steakley (MP3)
English | Size: 749.47 MB
Category: Tutorial

The planet is called Banshee. The air is unbreathable, the water poisonous. It is the home of the most implacable enemies that humanity, in all its interstellar expansion, has ever encountered. [Read more…]

Marvel Week+ (09-02-2020)

Marvel Week+ (09-02-2020)
English | Size: 508.08 MB
Category: Tutorial

Black Widow (2020-) #1

Cable (2020-) #4

Empyre (2020) #6 (of 6)
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0-Day Week of 2020.08.24

0-Day Week of 2020.08.24
English | Size: 10.48 GB
Category: Magazine

2000AD 2196 (2020) (Digital-Empire).cbr
2000AD prog 2196 (2020) (digital) (Minutemen-juvecube).cbr
2020 iWolverine 002 (2020) (Digital) (Zone-Empire).cbr
40 Seconds 001 (2020) (Digital-Empire).cbr [Read more…]