Build Reactive REST APIs with Spring WebFlux and Spring Boot | Udemy

Build Reactive REST APIs with Spring WebFlux and Spring Boot | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Learn Reactive Programming
Lean Spring WebFlux with Spring Boot
Learn Flux & Mono
Learn Project Reactor
Learn Spring Data R2DBC

This course is all about Reactive Programming using Spring WebFlux and Spring Boot. It is asynchronous and non-blocking.

You will learn reactive programming with Project Reactor library. First you will learn why need of Reactive REST APIs over traditional REST APIs.

Apart from this you will learn –

What is Back Pressure ?

Event Driven Stream

Reactive Stream Specification

You will learn Flux & Mono Reactive Types with Project Reactor library. Different methods provided in Flux and Mono. You will learn back pressure with request() and cancel() methods.

You will learn different Schedulers In Reactive Streams.

Immediate Scheduler

Parallel Scheduler

Single Scheduler

BoundedElastic Scheduler

After having the basic knowledge of reactive programming we will jump to Spring WebFlux with Spring Boot. You will learn functional endpoint with RouterFunction and HandlerFunction.

Then you will learn to Build Non Blocking REST APIs with Spring WebFlux & Spring Data R2DBC along with MySQL Database. Spring Data R2DBC is used to interact with SQL databases just like we have Spring Data JPA. In Reactive Stack Spring Data R2DBC is replacement of Spring Data JPA.

We will perform CRUD Operations (Create/Read/Update/Delete) using Spring Data R2DBC and MySQL database. Here different HTTP methods are covered like GET, POST, PUT and DELETE.

Video Streaming Platforms are perfect example for Reactive APIs and that what this course covers. Here we will create Video Streaming App just like YouTube using Spring WebFlux.

Who this course is for:
Any Java Developer who wants to learn Reactive Programming with Spring Boot & Spring WebFlux

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