Build Complete Stocks App Clone in iOS, SwiftUI, Combine | Udemy

Build Complete Stocks App Clone in iOS, SwiftUI, Combine | Udemy
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Genre: eLearning

What you’ll learn
Async Programming
Enterprise Level App Development
Combine Framework
iOS Development
Complete app development
Network Managerment with Generics
Code Structuring and Better Code Management
Image Caching
Network based image caching

SwiftUI makes is really easy to build apps’ UI but there is more to the app then UI. This course focuses of enterprise level app development using SwiftUI. You will not only learn to build complete app from scratch but you will also learn how to organize your code by feature. You will learn to build generic backed network manager which will be used to make all types of network API calls. You will learn to download and process API responses using generic JSONDecoders and advanced usage of Codable protocol. You will learn to leverage power of combine to asynchronously download response from API and publish those results to the subscribers. You will also learn to breakdown views into smaller components that can be reused at several different places and can adopt to the context they are defined in. You will learn view composition in SwiftUI. You will learn how to manage multiple different API endpoints within same app and how to handle responses of those APIs. You will also create your own UserDefaults manager along with Network Image Download manager that works on a image cache which will help your app optimize network usage. There is a lot of content packed into this course where you will get full app development experience.

Who this course is for:
Students who wants to learn full enterperise level app development in SwiftUI, Combine

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