Build an ERC-20 Token Generator with React.js and Solidity | Udemy

Build an ERC-20 Token Generator with React.js and Solidity | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
How to query the Ethereum Blockchain with the Solidity Programming Language
How to call Solidity Functions in React code.
How to create an ERC-20 Token.
How to create an ERC-20 Token Generator.

In this Course I will instruct how to build a ERC-20 Token Generator project! This project will enable users to create their own Tokens on the Rinkeby Test network! This project may be used for other Blockchains if deployed with real assets.

In this video an openzeppelin erc20 contract is deployed to the Ethereum Rinkeby Test Network. Material ui is used as styling as well as TailwindCSS for css. Learn React in this course and be able to create a website for deploying erc20 tokens!

There will be several sections of the course covering:

Smart Contract Development.

Querying the Ethereum Rinkeby Test Network.

Using Solidity Functions with JavaScript.

Calling the JavaScript Functions with React.

Front-End Development with TailwindCSS and MUI.

Some of the Blockchains that the project can be deployed on include:

Ethereum Mainnet

Binance Smart Chain




More topics include how to build a bsc token (just deployed on a different blockchain). As well as creating a bsc token generator. If you are interested in creating your own crypto token and want to learn how to create crypto token then your in for a wild ride!

If you are interested in Learning React.js or Solidity and Ethereum Blockchain Development than this is the course for you!

Who this course is for:
React Developers looking to get into Crypto.

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