Build a Transit App Using JavaScript and jQuery | Packt

Build a Transit App Using JavaScript and jQuery | Packt
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Understand how JavaScript is used in application development
Get more done with less code using the jQuery library
Make an API call using jQuery
Make a parameterized query to an API
Understand how to parse JSON data that is returned via an API
Explore how to work with complex data returned by an API
This course will build upon your knowledge of JavaScript fundamentals and guide you in putting together your first application with the help of a fun and concise example application using the JavaScript language and the jQuery library.

Using the jQuery library, you’ll learn how to obtain data from an API on a remote server and then parse that information into a readable format that is appealing to end-users. You’ll build an application using the Bay Area Rapid Transit System’s public API to determine which trains will arrive at any station in the system and create an attractive digital display for that information.

You’ll enhance your application development skills as you explore how to use JavaScript and jQuery to solve a real-world development problem. With the help of videos and the app manual, you’ll understand every nuance of the code and be able to use the JavaScript code provided with this course as a starting point for your own application development work.

All the codes and supporting files for this course will be available at-

Understand application code with the help of line-by-line description provided in the video and manual
Run and modify the application using the complete code library
Take a fun approach to learn application development with a real-world, functional application

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