Build a Linux Based Raspberry Pi Drone | Udemy

Build a Linux Based Raspberry Pi Drone | Udemy
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In this course you will learn:
Hardware: Basic Drone Components (GPS, motors, ESCs, LiPos etc)
Design: How to find the basic hardware parts to build your own drone
Building: Assemble and build your drone from the parts that were chosen from the design process
Flying: Basic flying and best practices
Coding: SSH into your Linux drone and configure/code it from the command line
Windows computer
Raw parts to build a drone (motors, frame, escs, lipos, raspberry pi/navio etc) Estimated cost: ~$450
Have basic tools (soldering iron, screw driver, allen wrench, drill would be helpful)

Some highlights we will learn from the 5 sections:
Learn of the special units for all your required hardwire (Example: What does the C-rating of a LiPo battery actually mean? How do mAh and Coulombs relate? What’s the difference between a 2300 Kv motor and a 935 Kv motor?)

Different methods of estimating thrust/current draw of your drone design before you buy the parts
Soldering ESCs to the power distribution board
Setting up Telemetry and connecting your drone to Mission Planner (our ground control station)
Different types of flight modes we can fly our drone with (Example: Loiter- GPS based mode that attempts to lock the drone in a single point in 3D space, Alt-Hold- Barometer based flight mode to hold the drone at a particular altitude)
SSH-ing into our Linux drone
Compile our own firmware right from our drone (could even be flying while we are doing this!)
Download DroneKit and write some python scripts that will make our drone fly autonomous missions (without an RC controller!)
Will you need to buy drone parts to get value from this course?
While this course was designed for you to follow along with the drone build prescribed, 80% of the videos are not specific to a specific drone build.

This means you can still extract extremely valuable knowledge from this course without needing to spend the money to buy the drone parts.

Even without building a drone, you’ll still learn about the hardware, design and build processes, and some best practices and maintenance for drone pilots.
What if you want to build a drone, but not the type used in this course?

This would work just fine, because there is even a section dedicated to illuminating the design process, which would allow you to design and find the parts for your own drone build.

Most of the videos would still directly apply to your drone.
What about required tools to follow along in this course?

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