Bob Tabor – Thinking Like an Object-Oriented Programmer

Bob Tabor – Thinking Like an Object-Oriented Programmer
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OOP is a mindset and a process. This course leads you towards understanding its power.

Course curriculum

Lesson 1 – Introduction

Lesson 2 – Establishing Crucial Metaphors

Lesson 3 – Application Lifecycle and Object Orientation

Lesson 4 – Big Upfront Design: Object Oriented Analysis and Design

Lesson 5 – Agile Methodology

Lesson 6 – The Process can Affect the Design

Lesson 7 – Abstracting the Real World into a Domain Model

Lesson 8 – Establishing Roles and Delegating Responsibilities to Objects

Lesson 9 – Contracts, Interfaces and Collaborations

Lesson 10 – Collaborations and Object Role Stereotypes

Lesson 11 – Collaborations: Conditions of Use and After Effect Guarantees

Lesson 12 – Domain vs Application Specific Objects

Lesson 13 – Components as Neighborhoods of Objects

Lesson 14 – Architectural Layers of Responsibility using Objects

Lesson 15 – Designing Objects and Interactions Guided By Principles and Patterns

Lesson 16 – Why Encapsulation?

Lesson 17 – Why Implementation Inheritance?

Lesson 18 – Why Interface Inheritance?

Lesson 19 – Why Polymorphism?

Lesson 20 – Understanding Relationships: Coupling and Dependency

Lesson 21 – Understanding Relationships: Inversion of Control and Dependency Injection

Lesson 22 – Understanding Relationships: Aggregation

Lesson 23 – Understanding Relationships: Composition

Lesson 24 – Understanding the Agile Analysis and Design Process using Visual Studio Team Services

Lesson 25 – Where to Go From Here

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