Blender Beginner Basics: Rick and Morty Spaceship | Skillshare

Blender Beginner Basics: Rick and Morty Spaceship | Skillshare
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Have you ever wanted to create something in 3D but realized you don’t have the skills to do it justice. Have you ever watched one of your favorite shows and wanted to make some fan art but got frustrated with not having the skills. If that’s you then this class is for you.

This class is for all my Rick and Morty lovers that want to learn 3D modeling. In this class, we’ll cover how to make the spaceship from Rick and Morty. This is a special one because we’ll create what it would look like in real life if it were right in front of you.

To create the spaceship you’ll learn techniques for hard-surface modeling which is what you need to make many Scifi objects, machines, and vehicles of all types.

You’ll also learn how to model from a reference which is a skill you must have to create realistic 3D models.

You’ll even do a materials deep dive as you learn how to create materials from images and how to make custom materials using Blender’s shader editor.

Finally, if you’re a Rick and Morty lover this is the first in a series. You’ll want to start here so you can create a scene with all the components when you’ve done all the classes.

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