Blender Animation Fundamentals

Blender Animation Fundamentals
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Get ready to animate! In this tutorial for animation beginners, you’ll learn the basics of keyframing tools. Bring your scenes to life by learning to create believable, dynamic sequences using the principles of animation. Jet kit included!

Standard video tutorials can be exhausting. We know, we’ve been there. The CG Fast Track tutorial format combines videos and screenshots so you don’t have to keep up with the video. Simply click through every step of the way with the screen shots. It’s an incredibly intuitive way to learn.
Part 1

Start with the basics of keyframing tools inside of Blender with this easy-to-follow collision exercise. Get familiar with the animation view, timeline, and dope sheet as you begin your journey into animation.
Part 2

Dive deep into the Graph Editor and build the classic bouncing ball with a bit of Fast Track style. Follow along as you learn the principles of squash and stretch, as well as how to ease your animation with null objects, animation modifiers, and drivers.
Part 3

Learn the basics of procedural animation with this exciting turret system. Learn how to make objects move without using keyframes as well as additional rigging, animation modifiers, and a basic particle system.
Part 4

Step up your animation skills and build a cinematic sequence with the included jet kit. Build multiple shots and learn production techniques for building believable animated shots.

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