Blazor Performance: Optimizing Your Blazor Website | Apress

Blazor Performance: Optimizing Your Blazor Website | Apress
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This video presents patterns and practices for making Blazor WebAssembly applications run fast at their optimal speeds. You’ll learn patterns and best practices for performance that broadly cover two aspects of Blazor development: Firstly, you’ll learn about optimizing application download size so your applications load and execute without undue lag. Secondly, you’ll learn techniques for reducing the number of updates that Blazor needs to apply to user interface elements in the browser’s DOM.

While Blazor WebAssembly is already designed to provide strong performance, the techniques in this video provide you additional tools and techniques that you can employ in order to delight your users and gain a competitive edge against your competition. Techniques taught in this video such as assembly trimming, lazy loading, and reducing unnecessary user interface updates can put your applications a step ahead of your competition when it comes to creating fast applications that users will want to return to again and again.

What You Will Learn
Work with lazy-load assemblies to incrementally download your application’s code
Use virtualization to avoid rendering UI elements not currently visible
Create lightweight components that reduce unnecessary UI updates
Reduce unnecessary rendering of component subtrees
Optimize JavaScript interop speeds
Limit the number of components and reduce frequent events

Who This Video Is For
Blazor developers who have experience building WebAssembly applications. Especially for those developers who want to gain an edge on their competition through faster application performance.

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