Bitfountain Auto Layout in iOS | Udemy

Bitfountain Auto Layout in iOS | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Master Auto Layout in XCode’s storyboard for dynamic layouts
Learn about the brand new UIStackView class for enhanced flexibility
Write layouts and constraints in code like a professional
Cover historical layouts and NSLayoutConstraints for iOS 9
Delve into Content Hugging, Compression Resistance and Constraint Equality
Work with VFL’s syntax to quickly construct constraints

Apple has made it clear that it plans to continue to release a variety of different sized devices. Now more then ever dynamic and responsive layouts are necessary to create a competitive iOS application. Auto Layout can be one of the most difficult libraries to master due to the variety of solutions and frustrating bugs associated with constraints. We will guide you through the different ways you can use Auto Layout both graphically in the storyboard and in code.

Many apps are written completely in code and Auto Layout code can be tricky. This course will be beneficial to anyone serious about building professional applications. As an added bonus we will check out UIStackView’s that are brand new in iOS 9. We will also master many of the confusing terms and features included in Auto Layout. Get started making your apps dynamic today!

Who this course is for:
Anyone interested in creating responsivemobile apps for various screen sizes
A foundation in the basics of programming in Swift or Objective-C are necessary (similar to what our iOS Foundation Course teaches)

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