Billy Gene – Gene Pool Elite

Billy Gene – Gene Pool Elite
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SKILL #1: The Fundamentals of Persuasive Writing
The email sequence that resulted in over 300 paying monthly subscribers
and $29,100 of recurring revenue in month 1
The 2-step ad campaign that resulted in over $50k in physical product
sales within 4 days
30 of our best subject lines and tips on constructing your own

SKILL #2: The Fundamentals of Great Video Content
The 4 different objectives of educational videos and how to choose the
right call to action (CTA) for yours
My 6-piece, $137 video starter kit that helped launch my 7-figure business
Tools, scripts, and tutorials for creating great, cheap and easy video
content. (No previous tech skills required)

SKILL #3: The Fundamentals of Effective Selling
The single campaign that brings us anywhere from $5k – $38.5k in a day
The only 5 reasons why someone wouldn’t buy from you and how to
overcome these objections
“Did I Earn The Close” Checklist

SKILL #4: The Fundamentals of Facebook Advertising Simplified
A step-by-step walk through of how to PROPERLY build and publish a
ready to launch campaign (creating your ad account, crafting the ad,
setting up targeting, landing pages, and everything in between) in less
than 1 hour.
How to come up with the perfect offer and strategy that will get
someone to swipe their credit. Including an example of a sales funnel
that converted cold traffic at 48%.
The 3 main components of a landing page, how to properly utilize each
space, and choose the best Call To Action (CTA) to increase your
conversion rate by up to 134% or more.
A breakdown of one of our highest performing campaigns that generated
about $1,000,000 in revenue.
Special training from guest speaker, Andrea Vahl, Co-Author Of
“Facebook Marketing All-in-One For Dummies”

SKILL #5: The Fundamentals of Automation
Learn what you should be doing yourself or what robots/others should do
for you and how to use technology to create more hours in a day
The automated webinars directly responsible for bringing in over $2
million dollars in revenue
The exact email and subject lines that allowed me to generate more than
$10k in 2 hours using a masterfully crafted follow up sequence

SKILL #6: The Fundamentals of Live Streaming
What equipment you need to live stream and not look like an idiot when
you’re doing it
How to get strangers to show up to your live stream even if they’ve never heard of you before
What to say when you’re live, and more importantly, how to SELL when
you’re live

SKILL #7: The Fundamentals of Prospecting
How to attract paying customers even if you feel like you lack
You’ll get my exact sales presentation we’ve used to close hundreds of
clients and has worked for me over 90% of the time
My top 4 favorite FREE traffic sources that help us find our ideal

SKILL #8: The Fundamentals of A Membership Site
Show you step by step how we built our successful membership site that
currently has over 500 paying members
My 4 favorite, tested and proven strategies that we consistently and
predictably use to attract new members into the Gene Pool
The processes and reporting systems that you need in place to help
prevent the loss of thousands of dollars of recurring revenue

SKILL #9: How To Tell Stories That Sell Sh*t
The 7 elements of a good story that I use for our ads that have
generated millions of dollars in revenue
The 5 factors that I incorporate into all of our video ads to make them
I’ll show you the exact (true) story we told that made us over $100k in
one day

SKILL #10: The Fundamentals of Making Money
The 7 Aspects of Business (Scorecard) that will help you evaluate your
income and earning power
Billy’s personal CPA, who has managed millions of dollars in business
revenue, explains everything you need to know about taxes, business
finances, and how to avoid trouble with the IRS
A Special Guest teaches about earning power and how he was able to grow
and sell one of his companies for $1.3 Billion. This intelligent
philanthropist is also the recipient of 14 lifetime achievement awards
and has been featured on shows like ABC’s `Extreme Makeover’, CBS’s
`The Doctors’, Larry King Live, Steve Harvey, and Oprah

SKILL #11: The Fundamentals of Messenger Ads
The best time to use a Messenger Ad vs Sponsored Messages and how to
set up each one, step-by-step, within Facebook’s Power Editor.
The exact ads we ran that turned $11.80 in ad spend into $4,941 revenue
and $19.07 in ad spend into $5000.
How we increased our ROI to 418% by selecting the proper ad placements
and optimizing our bidding.

SKILL #12: The Fundamentals of Instagram Advertising
How to build Instagram ads along with why and when you should be
utilizing them.
A Special Guest teaches how to grow your following on Instagram
organically using various tactics that got his account 11.2 Million
A Special Guest teaches about actionable steps to approach local
business and implement Instagram Ads for them.
An Instagram Expert, who also spoke at 2017 Traffic & Conversion
Summit, teaches about how Instagram increased her sales by 45% in one
summer and how to grow your Instagram with targeted followers that are
primed to buy from you.

Billy Gene – Gene Pool Elite Contains: Videos, PDF’s

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