BBC True North – The Slim Club (2019) 720p HDTV

BBC True North – The Slim Club (2019) 720p HDTV
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Follows a weight loss class in East Belfast providing a unique insight with weigh-ins, tea, tears, but much laughter.
Liz Miller invites viewers to experience her weight loss class which is a very unusual one. She takes a very personal approach and has a great relationship with each and every member, always making them feel good about themselves, whether or not they have gained weight, but also providing them with a safe and friendly haven to be themselves for one hour each week.

Throughout the film we meet a cast of regular class members who allow the audience have a peek into their lives – it is much more than just losing weight. The stories follow universal themes including loss, friendship and self-confidence. The Slim Club meets Harry who lost his wife 10 years ago. The grief process caused him to gain weight which affected his health – but since joining Liz’s class he has shed the weight, giving him a new lease of life. Harry says he wants to die of just old age, not from an illness brought on by unhealthy living and overeating.

We also meet Amy, a young single mother with a voice of an angel, and on the brink of a huge singing career who wants to make a good life for her and her and young son. She had body issues from a young age brought on by a difficult upbringing but since joining Liz’s class she has reconnected with family members who encouraged her to attend the class. Being in control of her eating has given her the confidence to love herself and her body, ignoring what the social media sites have to say about image.

The Slim Club is a unique and heart-warming glimpse into everyday life through the experiences of a group of people who are on a weight loss journey together but have discovered the joys of friendship and community along the way.

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