Basics of Coding with Unreal Engine 4 (Packt Publishing)

Basics of Coding with Unreal Engine 4 (Packt Publishing)
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In this title, you will learn basic Unreal Engine 4 C++ programming. You will be exposed to the architecture of Unreal Engine 4 classes, memory management, and basic coding utilizing the C++ programming language.
UE4 is among the most comprehensive and advanced game engines on the market. Along with the C++ programming language, this title will enable you to implement efficient games with unparalleled performance.
This title is structured to introduce UE4, to program simple actor functionalities within UE 4 utilizing the C++ programming language, and to expose you to how UE4 deals with memory management.
Style and Approach
The course takes a hands-on approach in teaching game programming with C++ in UE4. Therefore, the main structure of the course is tutorial-based. Learners will code simple games while following the tutorials and learn the ins and outs of the Unreal Engine 4’s basic toolsets.

What You Will Learn

– Installing UE 4
– Programming simple logging functionality in UE 4 with C++
– Working with classes and actors in UE4
– Implementing actor functionalities in UE4
– Spawning and de-spawning actors in UE4
– Making actors editable in UE4
– Learning memory management in UE4

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