Backend development security fundamentals | Udemy

Backend development security fundamentals | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Understand the fundamentals of secure coding
Learn how to wirte safe code
Understand the most important Java backend vulnerabilities from a coder’s point of view

Welcome to my devsec fundamentals course for (Java) backend developers who want to level up their security awareness.

By the end of the course you will understand the most important security concepts, be able to identify vulnerabilities in code, and learn to write hardened, hacker-resistant code. The course focuses on vulnerabilities in the backend, front-end vulnerabilities are covered in another course.

The course is constructed around tailor-made videos, quizzes, and assignments. Each individual security concept and topic will be covered in it’s own, short video lecture. During the lectures, I focus on identifying the code patterns that create vulnerabilities and strategies to fix and prevent them. Most of the examples are in Java.

Each video will be followed up with a quiz that will help you gauge your understanding of the topic covered in the lecture.

Last but not least, the course also includes true-to-life coding exercises where you will find, exploit and fix vulnerabilities in a deliberately vulnerable Java application. In case you get stuck, detailed solutions are given (in video form) for each exercise. These coding exercises will help you understand vulnerabilities inside and out: how to discover and exploit them, and how to fix and prevent them in the source.

Who this course is for:
Developers who want to write less vulnerable code

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