Azure SQL Server for Beginners part 1 of 2 | Udemy

Azure SQL Server for Beginners part 1 of 2 | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
The students will learn how to manage Azure SQL database family technology on Azure cloud platform.
The Azure SQL database consists of databases, virtual machines, managed instances, and elastic pool databases.
They will learn how to design, configure, manage, navigate, and deploy SQL database in the cloud. This leading technology will make the student who is interested in the SQL dba career path far more attractive to companies and recruiters.

The following course ‘Azure SQL Server for Beginners part 1 of 2’ will guide you step by step in learning about cloud technology called Azure SQL databases. The course will cover subject matter such what is azure SQL databases, option for selecting the best model to fit your company needs, pricing tiers, resource consumption models, securing your azure database, migrating your database and virtual machines from on premises to azure cloud, migration options, firewall rules, setting up disaster recovery modes, geo replicating your servers and databases across the globe.

The student will get first hand exposure to a technology that is revolutionizing the way the SQL dba performs his job. With this knowledge, the SQL dba is positioning himself/herself at the front line with market being so competitive. Getting hands on knowledge on how to manage and migrate database from your on-premises to the azure cloud is a demanding field that every SQL dba needs to know. Having this experience in azure cloud technology will enable the student to not only work on azure platform, but will give him the opportunity to see the working of other cloud technologies such as AWS; as the principles of cloud technology will be somewhat similar. So, join this great course and begin a chapter that will make you more desirable by recruiter and companies and give you the edge over your peers in your own company

Who this course is for:
The course is targeted to those students that have taken the following prerequisites courses: Learn T-SQL, SQL administration part 1, SQL administration part 2, and SQL administration part 3; and is ready to learn and manage SQL database on Azure cloud platform.

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