AZ-220 Microsoft Azure IoT Developer Certification 2022 | Udemy

AZ-220 Microsoft Azure IoT Developer Certification 2022 | Udemy [Update 03/2022]
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What you’ll learn
Pass the AZ-220 exam to gain Azure IoT Developer certification
Design IoT systems in Azure
Select the right IoT services for the system
Connect devices to Azure using IoT services
Troubleshoot device connectivity
Create smart devices using IoT Edge
Generate insights using data analytics
Secure your IoT system

Become a certified Azure IoT Developer!

This course takes you from absolute beginner in the cloud to a certified Azure IoT Developer, and helps you pass the AZ-220 exam.

IoT (Internet of Things) is a booming industry, and IoT in the cloud is where all the action happens.

Getting a certification on Azure IoT Developer is the best way to get recognition as an IoT and cloud expert, and learn the most advanced topics about IoT in Azure, known to the elite of cloud experts.

This course takes you through all the steps in learning about the cloud and IoT, and covers these topics, among others:

– Introduction to the cloud

– Basic cloud concepts

– IoT Hub

– IoT communication protocols

– Device provisioning service

– IoT Central

– IoT Edge

– Digital Twins

– Stream processing

– Security

And lots more…

This course is extremely practical. We’re not going to just discuss theory with slides (we’ll do that too, of course…) but we’re going to do a lot of hands on in Azure, including creating IoT resources and devices, configuring services, developing modules, monitoring health, analyzing data streams and lots more.

Now, if you don’t know anything about the cloud or IoT – don’t worry!

You don’t have to know anything about the cloud or IoT. We’re going to cover everything, from the very beginning. So even if you don’t know what’s the point of IoT – we cover that too.

But this course is not just about learning IoT in Azure, it’s also about passing the exam, and so there are three great elements in the course that will help you do just that:

1. “Preparing for the exam” section, explaining what you should expect in the exam, how to prepare for it, how to prepare your environment, how much time to clear for the exam, what to do after the exam, and more. It’s extremely important to be well prepared for the exam, and it will greatly help you in passing it.

2. Timed practice test, with 50 original questions simulating the exam, that will help you understand how the exam looks like. NOTE: these questions are not based on any illegal dumps, but are completely original and cover the content discussed in the course.

3. The Azure IoT Handbook, a summary of the content of the course, which condenses all you need to know about Azure IoT in an easy to read format, and is great for memorizing the huge information about IoT in Azure. This will greatly help you when preparing for the exam and designing your IoT system in Azure.

There’s no other course like this! This is the only course that leads you to pass the AZ-220 exam and become a certified Azure IoT Developer. It’s practical, comprehensive, focused, and, most important – fun.

So take it now and become an expert, certified Azure IoT Developer.

Who this course is for:
Developers who want to learn about IoT in the cloud
Architects who want to design IoT systems in the cloud
Cloud experts who want to expand their knowledge to IoT systems

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