AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda
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Serverless is a new cloud computing approach to architecting and building applications. It enables faster delivery of business value, reduced operational cost and complexity, together with virtually limitless and effortless scaling. The core technology class of a Serverless Architecture is Functions-as-a-Service, and the most mature Functions-as-a-Service product is Lambda, from Amazon Web Services. AWS Lambda LiveLessons is designed to give you a thorough understanding of the Lambda platform and programming model, so that you’ll have confidence building your own Lambda applications.

Although AWS Lambda natively supports several languages-including Javascript, Python and C#- this video tutorial uses Java and its Java Virtual Machine as the development language and runtime for all examples.

The video starts off by introducing Serverless and answers the question “What is Lambda?” It explains Serverless fundamentals and compares the different Serverless technology classes of Backend-as-a-Service and Functions-as-a-Service, as well as the benefits and limitations of Serverless,

Next, Roberts and Chapin review the necessary environment prerequisites before showing you how to code and execute your first Lambda function. They then drill down into some details of the Lambda model and show you how to build a Lambda-backed web application using API Gateway.

Finally, the course covers some additional theory to give you a more advanced understanding of AWS Lambda. Roberts and Chapin close by looking more holistically at Serverless Architectures and providing a detailed overview of Serverless technology beyond AWS Lambda, including a range of examples of how Serverless architectures are built in the real-world.

AWS Lambda LiveLessons consists of seven lessons totaling over four hours of instruction. The videos feature easy to understand explanations of key concepts, realistic examples, and demonstrations of industrial-grade deployments.

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