AWS EKS Kubernetes MasterClass (best practices) in 2020 | Udemy

AWS EKS Kubernetes MasterClass (best practices) in 2020 | Udemy
English | Size: 4.02 GB
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What you’ll learn
how to setup K8s dashboard with RBAC
how to monitor K8s cluster and apps using Prometheus and Grafana
how to configure SSL Termination at AWS ELB created by ingress controller using k8s service YAML
how to authenticate and authorize AWS IAM users to AWS EKS cluster using aws-iam-authenticator, aws-auth ConfigMap, and RBAC (Role Based Access Control) aka ClusterRoleBinding
how to authorize Pods to AWS resources by creating pod-level IAM permission using IRSA (IAM Role for Service Account)
how to scale EKS worker nodes automatically using CA (Cluster Autoscaler using IRSA) and how to stress test it
how to scale pods automatically using HPA (horizontal pod autoscaler) and how to stress test it
why you shouldn’t use eksctl managed worker nodes in production
why you should be careful when using EKS’s default AWS-VPC-CNI plugin, because Pod IP pool gets exhausted based on EC2 instance type

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