AWS CloudFormation Master Class v2 [2021] | Udemy

AWS CloudFormation Master Class v2 [2021] | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
SSM Parameter Types
Advanced Resources (DependsOn, DeletionPolicy, UpdateReplacePolicy, CreationPolicy, UpdatePolicy)
Pseudo Parameters
Outputs & Cross Stack References
CFN Init
Nested Stacks
Deployment Options (ChangeSets, StackPolicy, Rollback, Termination, Service Roles)
Continuous Delivery with CodePipeline
Custom Resources (Lambda & SNS)
Dynamic References
Registry, 3rd-party Resource Types & Modules
Resource Imports
SAM (Serverless Application Model) Intro
CDK (Cloud Development Kit) Intro
Template Validation
Best Practices

AWS CloudFormation Master Class is the easiest way to start learning AWS CloudFormation:

> Learn CloudFormation and master all its concepts
> Go through Hands-On examples to practice what we learned
> Learn how to use YAML to write the CloudFormation Templates
> Learn how to write your infrastructure as code
> Keep all the course material as a reference for your future templates!
> Learn each CloudFormation building blocks in-depth: Parameters, Mappings, Resources, Outputs, Conditions, Metadata
> Learn about CloudFormation Init, the most powerful way to bootstrap your EC2 instances
> Advanced CloudFormation features Drift, Nested Stacks…
> So much more!

Note: This course assumes you know how to use the AWS Cloud. It will help you transform your solution architecting skills into CloudFormation templates. ‘

Who this course is for:
Developers who want to learn about AWS CloudFormation and how to write templates
DevOps who want to learn how to deploy and orchestrate CloudFormation templates
Solutions Architect who want to understand the benefit of using CloudFormation to manage infrastructure and steer their team to use CloudFormation

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