Automating Your Automation: CodeMash | Pluralsight

Automating Your Automation: CodeMash | Pluralsight
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If you’re like 70% of continuous integration and delivery users, you’re using Jenkins, the powerful and popular automation server. How do you know you’re doing it right? Are you getting the most out of the strategies you’ve chosen? In this session, you’ll learn how best to manage your automation, how different job types and plugins can improve your architecture and decrease your maintenance effort. Almost no matter where you are in your automation maturity, there‚Äôs always another level to reach: if you’re using the basic point-and-click of freestyle jobs, you can move to the scripted context of pipelines. Once you’ve explored pipelines, you can learn to leverage shared global libraries to promote code reuse across multiple pipelines. Jeff McKenzie will cover Jenkins basics, specific use cases for different job types, and how best to manage your automation as it grows from one job, to ten, to one hundred. Finally, you’ll learn how to create your entire Jenkins job collection from scratch at the push of a button.

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