Automatic .NET Code Weaving With Fody

Automatic .NET Code Weaving With Fody
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We often spend more time than we’d like to writing repetitive, low-value, boilerplate code. If we want to spend more of our time actually writing more interesting code that adds business value, Fody can help.

Fody is a modular, extensible, open source tool that comes with a whole host of pre-built add-ins to perform tasks such as automatically adding Equals, GetHashCode and Equality operators or implementing IDisposable for us. In this course, we’ll learn how to use these pre-built add-ins and also create our own custom Fody add-ins.

Introduction to Fody
Module Overview
Why Fody?
Write Less Code, get More Done
Simplify Logging, Debugging, and Test Code
Ensure Code Consistency
An Introduction to CIL
How Fody Works
Using Fody in Visual Studio
Module Summary

Write Less Code, get More Done
Module Overview
Automatic ToString() Method From Public Properties
Auto Empty String Parameter Checks
Auto Null Value Checking
Converting Public Fields to Public Properties
Auto Implementing INotifyPropertyChanged
Automatically Adding Equals, GetHashCode, and Equality Operators
Implementing IDisposable Automatically
Automatically Call Dispose() Without Using Statements
Module Summary

Simplify Logging, Debugging, and Testing Code
Module Overview
Simplifying Logging Code
Automatically Improve Debugger Visualization in Visual Studio
Testing With Static Methods
Adding Simple Method Execution Timing Code
Automatically Add Assert Messages to Tests
Automatically Removing Test Code From a Project
Module Summary

Other Useful Fody Add-ins
Module Overview
Make all String Comparisons Case-Insensitive
The Obsolete Attribute on Steroids
Automatically Make Members Virtual
Enabling Delegate and Enum Generic Constraints
Freezing Objects
Decorating Methods With Additional Code
Module Summary

Introduction to Writing Your Own Fody Add-ins
Module Overview
Getting the Starter Project From GitHub
Overview of How the Sample Fits Together
Running the Tests and Decompiling
Writing a New Test and Modifying the Weaver
Generating the Add-in NuGet Installer
Module Summary

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