AutoCAD 2022 2D Site Design Follow Along Course | Skillshare

AutoCAD 2022 2D Site Design Follow Along Course | Skillshare
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Do you need more practice with AutoCAD? Follow along as we take a 2D building floor plan, amend it by adding extra floors and create a site layout of a whole office park.

If you have learned the basics of AutoCAD, or have played around with it but need more practice, this course will help you feel more confident and comfortable using the industry-standard CAD application.

Jane: “I had tried other courses that said they were for beginners but assumed there were things you already knew. This course actually starts at the beginning and explains what you’re doing as you’re doing it, without making you feel lost. I do have to pause often but it’s so helpful!”
Create building designs, alterations, floorplans, site layouts insert blocks & XRef’s and understand how to use Paper Space & Model Space!

This course was designed for those who already have a basic knowledge of AutoCAD, perhaps you have taken a beginners course and need more practice. This course follows a realistic project to allow you to learn a typical workflow as well as learning and practicing new skills. Throughout this AutoCAD course, you’ll be creating your own realistic project that is indicative of the kind you might be asked to create in the workplace. You will learn how to produce a professional drawing to industry standards and hopefully inspire you to do even more!

You will begin right at the start and learn how to set up the software in order to use AutoCAD the way most people in the industry like to use it. You will then be given an existing file and asked to carry out some basic amendments. This is typical of the types of amendments you might be asked to do as a junior drafter in the workplace. Next, you will begin working with a site layout to provide coordinates for a surveyor to set out before moving on to creating the actual site layout of an office park. You will learn to import blocks and work with a UCS and XRef’s to create a package of different drawings for the project.

As the course progresses you will learn new skills and reinforce methods you would have been taught in a good beginners course. By learning this way you will not only learn how to do something but why and where we use those skills. This will leave you with a much greater understanding of the software and how it is used in the workplace.

MaryKate: “I imagine that the pace of this course will suit most people interested in an introduction CAD! The instructor is easy to understand and is cautious to not overwhelm you right off the bat.”
What will you learn in this AutoCAD Beginners course?

Basic drawing editing tools required in the workplace.
Taking exiting drawing files, editing and creating new drawings.
How to create building elevations from a basic floor plan.
Use & understand coordinates to plot a location and provide survey data.
Create a realistic site layout of an office park
Use a UCS to align your workspace
Work with XRefs to reduce file size and change management.
Import block to create a landscaping layout.
Advance your skills with professional techniques
Speed up your workflow with the quick selection tool
Learn the difference between Paper Space & Model Space
Create multiple drawings from the same model using viewport techniques
Understand layers and how to use them like a pro

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