Auditing Windows Server 2016 for Security and Practices

Auditing Windows Server 2016 for Security and Practices
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Knowing how to set up auditing for Windows Server 2016 is an effective way to protect your company from downtime and security threats. In this course, you’ll learn how to set up auditing for users, objects, and the server itself.
Good auditing practices are essential to ensure a server is kept secure and reliable. In this course, Auditing Windows Server 2016 for Security and Practices, you’ll be guided through the advanced auditing settings in Windows Server 2016. First, you’ll learn how to keep track of information about how users are signing into systems. Next, you’ll discover how and when objects on a system are accessed. Finally, you’ll explore how to know when a critical change occurred in a system. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the knowledge needed to properly set up auditing in your Windows Server 2016 environment and prevent a threat to your company’s security and productivity. Software required: Windows Server 2016.

1.Course Overview1m 20s
3.Setting up the Lab: Host Machine4m 16s
4.Setting up the Lab: Virtual Machines4m 32s
5.Configuring the Lab4m 52s
6.Using Event Viewer4m 31s
7.Investigating an Event3m 25s
8.Using Powershell for Event Viewer6m 51s
10.Auditing Simple Logon/logoff3m 24s
11.Auditing Account Logon5m 10s
12.Auditing Group Membership and Account Lockout4m 54s
13.Auditing Special and Other Logons3m 53s
15.Auditing Detailed Tracking4m 15s
16.Auditing Shared Objects4m 22s
17.Auditing the File System4m 0s
18.Auditing Task Manager2m 53s
19.Auditing the Registry3m 22s
21.Auditing Policy Change4m 24s
22.Auditing Privelege Use2m 58s
23.Auditing the System3m 27s
24.Using Global Object Access5m 6s

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