Atmosfear – Harbingers Soul Rangers Expansion PnP

Atmosfear – Harbingers Soul Rangers Expansion PnP
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The Gatekeeper’s been banished to a Black Hole by the deeply disturbed and demented dentist, Dr Mastiff and the Provinces have gone to the Dogs!
Get down and dirty with your new Game Host, Dr Mastiff, live from the depths of his dental surgery set in the stinking wastes of the sewers of The Other Side, in this exciting New Add-On game to Atmosfear ‘The Harbingers,’ with unique ‘Scabby Dog Ranger’ gameplay.
“Who’d ya expect – The Tooth Fairy?”
Join The Soul Rangers and become one of Dr Mastiff’s six cohorts – Sep, Nof, Ja, Zass, Rott and Woks – as You turn Atmosfear upside-down and plunge The Other Side into absolute anarchy!
“I say let’s play, my baby cakes… Surgery’s open!”
The Harbingers are long gone and The Other Side is now ruled by Mastiff who runs a pirate ‘Radio Riot’ show from his surgery deep in the mosh pits beneath the Provinces. But rebellion is in the air again.
“Where’s ‘The Most Filthy One’?… Greetings, Face Stain!”
Now The Rangers are playing by their own set of rules with their very own ‘Grunt’ Numbskull to help do their dirty work! Brand new Fate Cards ensure more ‘filthy’ gameplay and with 36 ‘twisted’ Ranger Weapon Cards, duelling has never been so dastardly between The Soul Rangers! Even the coveted Keystones that once unlocked great powers are now shackles in any Ranger’s pursuit to win at Dr Mstiff’s own game.
“I’s Mastiff. Dr Mastiff… So, don’t froth me up ‘coz I’m Twisted!”
He calls his game ‘The Operating Hour’ and You have just 60 minutes before you become his next victim!
Atmosfear- The Soul Rangers. Bite off more than you can chew- Now!
Warning! You need a copy of Atmosfear – The Harbingers to play this game!

I have made a rough PnP from scans from the harbingers expansion, the soul ranges.
This contains all the files i used to make them. all you need is proxies for the player minis, and the video from youtube.

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