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Atlassian BitBucket | Cloud Academy
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Take this beginner level course on ‘Atlassian BitBucket’ to delve into the core principles and applied benefits for your software projects. This course made up of 8 lectures and 14 demos, will expertly teach and explain how to perform Git related tasks along with implementing and connecting BitBucket to third parties while always being aware of the various security options available.

This course would appeal to a range of job roles, including, Software Developers, Build and Release Engineers and DevOps Practitioners. All of the skills that you will gain from doing this Course will yield a tangible dividend for the projects with your enterprise; allowing you to use, control and manage BitBucket to manage and maintain your software products.

Learning Objectives

Understand the basic principles of version control as implemented using the Git protocol and
Learn how to effectively use BitBucket to manage and maintain your software projects
Assess the benefits of using BitBucket to manage and secure your software engineering assets
Recognize and explain how to perform all basic Git related tasks such as creating and cloning a repository, branching, and merging.
Study to implement and connect BitBucket with other 3rd party systems
Be aware of the different security options available to secure your BitBucket setup
Be able to use, control, and manage BitBucket through either using the web-based administration console and/or by using a git client.

Intended Audience

Software Developers
Software Build and Release Engineers
DevOps Practitioners

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