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Need help hunting down pesky bugs in your code? Find ’em and squash ‘em fast with the tools you learn in this debugging course by Huma Solutions. Kill the bugs! First you learn the concepts and practice of using Macros to streamline your debugging process. Macros help you quickly, efficiently and cleanly debug your code WITHOUT having to worry about removing/commenting out any debugging/tracing items after the fact.

Next, you get a look at the error or “exception” handling capabilities of XCode. Here you learn how to “throw” standard as well as custom exceptions in order to better pinpoint or “flush out” any sneaky bugs hiding in your code! Then you get into the nitty-gritty of debugging by learning the XCode Debug Area’s controls as well as adding/understanding Breakpoints. By carefully “breaking” the flow of your code’s execution in different ways, you learn to triangulate on even the trickiest of bugs!

Before the course is finished you also get a chance to wrestle with Classes, their Extensions as well as the use of Protocols. In short, this course builds your bug hunting muscles and instincts, to help you learn to debug like a pro… in almost no time at all!

Be sure to watch all the courses in our growing iOS App Development series and continue your journey toward becoming a full-fledged Apple iOS developer!

iOS App Dev 103 Debugging and Exceptions content:

1. Macros and Exceptions
2. Debugging
3. Protocols

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