Ashleigh Sergeant – Everday Enlightenment ; Practical Tips for Conscious Living

Ashleigh Sergeant – Everday Enlightenment ; Practical Tips for Conscious Living
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How can we live conscious and connected lives while coping with the stressors and reaping the opportunities of modern life? From the New Age and mindfulness movements to the rise of yoga and meditation, it’s evident that the western world is longing to find peace and fulfillment.

Join host Ashleigh Sergeant and various spiritual teachers as they discuss the many facets of living a conscious life in the modern age. Approaching topics such as gender, social activism, and technology from a spiritual lens, this experiential talk show will feature not only interesting ideas but also applicable practices. At the end of each episode, the featured guest will offer practical tips that address a current problem and weave spirituality into your everyday life.

S1:Ep1 – The Stress Epidemic with Rod Stryker

With our email inboxes flooded, our eyes wide-open at night, and the constant buzz and beep of social media notifications, it’s no wonder that stress levels, sleep dysfunction, and mental illness are more prevalent in society than ever. In this conversation with world-renowned yoga and meditation teacher Rod Stryker, we will discuss the effects that technology has had on our physiology and mental health and learn techniques to nourish ourselves and create balance amidst the pressures of modern life. We will focus on the practice of yoga nidra meditation, or “enlightened yogic sleep,” as an accessible way to enter into a state of both deep relaxation and heightened presence. For the last ten-minutes of this class, experience the benefits of yoga nidra for yourself with this guided meditation led by Rod.

S1:Ep2 – Rise of the Feminine in Modern Society with Sally Kempton

“The future is female” and “#metoo” and just some of the phrases found in modern culture that suggests the tables are turning in favor of feminine power. Beyond the sociopolitical realm, what will it take for the feminine to truly rise? Join master meditation teacher and author on the divine feminine Sally Kempton and host Ashleigh Sergeant in this provocative episode that sheds light on the true embodiment and embrace of both feminine and masculine energies.

Perhaps, Ashleigh and Sally posit, arriving at a more gender-balanced society begins on a personal level. Initiate your own journey towards equality with a technique Sally offers at the end of the episode; tune into the common root of aliveness and awareness, the breath, to discover the humanity shared amongst us all.

S1:Ep3 – Sacred Activism with Matt Kahn

In a society brimming with cultural conflict and political gridlock, taking sides seems like a necessary self-defense strategy. How can we stand firm in our beliefs while upholding our spiritual values of love and open-heartedness? Join spiritual teacher, author, and YouTube sensation Matt Kahn in this episode that reframes the conversation as we explore the concept of sacred activism. Discover the value of aligning your actions in service of, not against, something and learn how to lovingly support the inner needs of others without getting caught in ideological warfare.

At the end of this episode, Matt offers a concrete strategy to hold space for ourselves and others when we encounter challenges in our pursuit of sacred activism.

S1:Ep4 – Tantric Tools for a Conscious Life with Christopher Hareesh Wallis

Many of us get caught in the pursuit of money, possessions, or even relationships on the quest for happiness. The ancient tradition of tantra suggests the pursuit of a gratifying life does not begin with accumulation of material items or external relationships, but rather the development of a compassionate and curious connection with yourself. Join tantric scholar Christopher Hareesh Wallis for this honest conversation on how the tantric tradition can guide us on the path of radical self-love and embodied awareness of the world within and around us.

At the end of the episode, Hareesh introduces a few practices to weave self-awareness into your everyday life, including a technique to fully process emotions and experiences from the day as well as an exercise to nourish your senses.

S1:Ep5 – Rewriting Unconscious Behavior with Gina Caputo

From biting our nails to mindlessly checking our phones, many of us develop unconscious behaviors and thought patterns that influence how we show up in the world. How can we get in the driver’s seat and start rewriting these patterns? Join yoga teacher Gina Caputo in this episode that discusses how the yogic tradition offers tools to witness and transform unconscious patterns. We will dive into the yogic system of the kleshas, or the five root causes of suffering, before learning practices that will help us become aware of our unconscious patterns and empower us to rewrite them.

S1:Ep6 – Your Body is Talking to You with Ben Stewart

Your posture not only reveals clues about your physiology, but also your emotional and energetic body, and even your ancestral inheritance. Join movement specialist and filmmaker Ben Stewart in this conversation that explores your habitual physical patterns as a gateway to self-discovery. In the last ten minutes of this episode, Ben leads you through an exercise to tune into your posture and the personal symbolism it carries.

S1:Ep7 – Supernatural Breathing with Dr. Joe Dispenza

Join modern mystic and neuroscientist Dr. Joe Dispenza in this informational discussion on how your breath can reshape your body and mind. Dr. Joe shares the physiology behind the breath being the bridge between our physical and mental systems and, at the end of the episode, offers a breathing exercise to carry energy all the way from your base to your brain.

S1:Ep8 – Processing Emotions with Kevin Courtney

Many of us are taught from a young age to bottle up or ignore our emotions. As a result, these unprocessed feelings often show up in explosive ways, from rage to depression to fear. Join yoga and meditation teacher Kevin Courtney in this episode that explores how you can come into contact with these suppressed inner energies through yoga and other conscious movement practices. We close this episode with a short Qigong-inspired shaking practice that will help you attune to your present energetic experience.

S1:Ep9 – Living in Balance with Sujatha Reddy

Join ayurvedic practitioner and licensed therapist Sujatha Reddy in this conversation about balancing your emotions through shifting your lifestyle. By aligning with the rhythms of nature, we can heal emotional instability and prevent psychic patterns from being passed to future generations. At the end of the episode, Sujatha offers some lifestyle tips that will help you arrive at emotional equilibrium.

S1:Ep10 – The Healing Power of Community with M.C. Sweet

Join yoga teacher and businesswoman Mary Clare Sweet in this episode where we discuss the values that make up vibrant and compassionate communities. Learn how to connect with and build communities that heal, inspire, and empower with tips offered by Mary Clare at the end of the episode.

S1:Ep11 – The Goddess in Contemporary Culture with Sally Kempton

Join master meditation teacher Sally Kempton as she discusses how you can work with goddess energies as tools for transformation and healing. By developing a connection with these divine feminine archetypes, we can use them as guides and sources of strength in our own lives. Discover your relationship with your inner goddess at the end of this episode with a guided visual meditation led by Sally.

S1:Ep12 – Spiritual Misconceptions with Dr. Paul Dugliss

Living a spiritual life doesn’t have to be at odds with existing in the modern world. Join medical doctor and ayurvedic practitioner Dr. Paul Dugliss as he unpacks the misunderstanding that one must be ascetic and renounced from the world to be spiritual. Instead, the householder path suggests we can use our human challenges, relationships, and emotions as invitations to encounter our own divinity. At the end of the episode, Dr. Dugliss offers a heart-centering practice that you can use at any time of the day.

S1:Ep13 – The Disease of Isolation with Meg McCraken

Loneliness is not only intimately intertwined with the health of our social life, but also our physical and emotional wellbeing. Join yoga teacher Meg McCraken in this discussion that explores the epidemic of isolation in our society. Discover how to increase your capacity for connection through practicing presence and deep honesty with yourself and others. Put presence to practice with a meditation offered at the end of the episode.

S1:Ep14 – The Thinking Feeling Loop with Dr. Joe Dispenza

Dr. Joe Dispenza, renowned scientific researcher on meditation and human potential, joins us in this episode that discusses the feedback loop between our emotions, thoughts, and body. Discover how meditation and somatic practices can rewrite psychoemotional patterns and learn a breathing technique to do this yourself at the end of this episode.

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