AppDev – XML Tutorial with Martin Schaeferle

AppDev - XML Tutorial with Martin Schaeferle

Title: AppDev – XML Tutorial with Martin Schaeferle
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Description :
You’ll learn the fundamentals of the Extensible Markup Language (XML) as well as those of the most popular supporting technologies.
See how to create well-formed XML data and use namespaces. Understand how to perform validation using Document Type Definitions (DTDs)
and XML Schemas (XSD). See how to manipulate XML data using the Document Object Model (DOM) and Simple API for XML (SAX). Learn how to
create Web Services using the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP). Become familiar with stylesheets using XSL for Transfomation (XSLT). .
See the latest XML technologies like XQuery, XML Encryption, and Resource Description Framework (RDF).

Course includes 21+ hours of total training time…

5 CDs
Over 7 hours of media run time
Over 450 pages of courseware on CD-ROM
Step-by-step hands-on-labs
Sample code.

SESSION 1 (89:28)

Introducing the Extensible Markup Language
What is XML?
Working with XML Data
Well-Formed XML
XML Content Models
Well-Formed and Valid XML
Document Type Definitions (DTD)
The Value of Valid XML
Associating a DTD with XML

SESSION 2 (90:17)

Document Type Definitions (continued)
Defining the XML Content Model
Content Model Cardinality
Defining Attributes
Defining Custom Entities
What’s the Problem with DTD?
Schemas and Namespaces
XML Describing XML
Built-In Data Types
Defining Content Models
Deriving Types
XML Namespaces
Do I Really Need Valid XML?

SESSION 3 (89:38)

XML’s Document Object Model
Object-Oriented View of XML
DOM Interfaces and Objects
A Parsing Alternative: Simple API for XML (SAX)
Introducing XSLT
What is XSLT?
Are You Sure This Is a Language?
Transformation Types
Processing XSLT
Matching XML with XPath
XSLT Simplified Stylesheets
The Essential Stylesheet
Using an XSL Blueprint to Create HTML
What Can’t a Simplified Stylesheet Do?

SESSION 4 (84:25)

XML Web Services
A Brief History of Remote Procedure Calls
Web Service Description Language (WSDL)
Introducing SOAP
Programming Raw SOAP
Universal Description, Discover, and Integration (UDDI)
Applied XML
The Complex World of XML
XML Query

SESSION 5 (76:29)

Applied XML (continued)
Scalable Vector Graphics
Security and XML
Resource Description Framework (RDF)
The Semantic Web
Writing RDF
RDF Vocabularies

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