Android Studio : Basic App Development (JAVA, Windows-10) | Udemy

Android Studio : Basic App Development (JAVA, Windows-10) | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Basics about coding in Android Studio
Learn everything in Android Studio from scratch
Step by step process regarding how to work with different elements in an Android App
Detailed description about the code you are going to use
Regular updates in the course

This Android Studio course is designed To Walk You Step-By-Step Through the Process of Android App Development in Android Studio.

Even today, Android remains one of the most popular platform for Mobile Devices. Android Studio is an IDE for Android OS which helps developers to build Android Apps. Android Studio is available for Windows, MAC and Ubuntu, but in this course, we will be using Android Studio in Windows-10. In this course, you will learn about App Development in Android Studio in detailed procedure

Things you will learn in this course:

Android Studio and other required software installation

Views and ViewGroups in Android

About different Layouts

How to use API in your application

Developing basic apps in Android

Usage of SQLite and Firebase in your Android Application

Publishing your Android App in Play Store.

At the end of this course, you will be in a position to implement the topics you have learnt in this course and then publish a basic application in Play Store.

All you need to know prior to this course is basic coding using JAVA

Topics covered in this course so far

Android Studio Installation in a Windows-10 device

Creating a Project

Basic Settings inside Android Studio

Basic Views like TextView, Button, ImageView, etc.

Basic ViewGroups like LinearLayout, RelativeLayout, etc.







Message Displaying options like Toast, SnackBar

Alert Dialog


About App Bar

About NavigationView and Bottom NavigationView


Topics which will be covered in the near future




FireBase setup

Creating few apps using FireBase

Publishing an App in play store

Who this course is for:
Beginners who are interested in Android Studio

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