Android + Firebase Username/Password Authentication | Udemy

Android + Firebase Username/Password Authentication | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Android Development
Firebase Authentication
Connect Firebase to your App
Authenticate Your Users using Email/Password
Create your own User Database
Create Account in your App
Sign in to your App
Send Verification Email
Check if Account is Verified
Update Account Email Address
Update Account Password

This is a ‘Complete Course’ for developing Android App using Firebase Authentication Platform. You will learn how to implement Email and Password Authentication for your Android App. The course is well organized. We are going to start by introducing you to Application Design structure where you’ll see how our app will look like and how will each and every activity communicate with each other. After that we are going to implement our App design in Android Studio and start with development.

Next you’ll learn how to connect your app to Firebase from Android Studio Firebase Assistant, how to validate your inputs before sending data to Firebase platform, how your users can easily sign up to your app, how to sign in to your app, how to verify their email address with one click, how to update their email address, how to update account password and more.

I’m going to show you potential bugs/errors on you can run into while developing your app with Firebase Platform, and how to fix them easily. We are going to follow development practice, and how to keep our code clean, separated and organized.

Who this course is for:
Android Developers/Programmers
Anyone who want to learn more about Firebase
Anyone who want to learn how to implement Firebase Authentication in Android App
Anyone who want to improve skills as Android Developer

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